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Practice Fusion · Jun 5, 2014

Share the standard of care with the new charting templates library

We created an exciting new feature in your new EHR: the ability to share your charting templates with the entire Practice Fusion community. Each template you publish in the new community template library helps other providers save time and improve care. The library currently houses many great templates, but you can make it the best collection of any EHR by sharing your expertise through these new features:

  • Share your templates – Build your reputation as a clinical care thought leader as your templates become widely adopted and highly rated
  • Rate other templates – Help colleagues select templates that streamline workflow and support patient care by rating the ones you use
  • Customize existing templates and republish them – Build upon existing templates to help the community adopt best practices

Your published templates can help the whole community by helping doctors outside your practice expedite the set up of new EHRs, create new workflow processes, and care for patients with conditions they don’t typically see.

Publish your templates in two easy steps

1. Go to Settings in your EHR (the grey gear in the top right) and select Templates. You’ll find the new template library, which includes the My template_s and _Community tab. Select My templates.

2. Add a template to the community library by opening one of your templates and selecting Publish.

Ensure your templates get the notice they deserve by following these tips:

  • Give your template a descriptive and easily searchable name (eg, “Care plan oversight for diabetes”)
  • Add a description to your template that highlights its use and functionality
  • Make sure it’s categorized in the right specialty, or add it to two specialties if it applies to both

The more you share your knowledge in the community library, the more you can help your peers start charting to the gold standard of care.

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