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What is Practice Management?

Practice management involves the decisions, actions and resources that ensure the day-to-day operations of your medical practice. Managing a healthcare practice can be arduous and time-consuming. In a single day, physicians and office staff may deal with administrative, regulatory, financial and technological tasks — on top of making sure patients get the best care possible.

Practice Fusion is here to help. Our cloud-based electronic health record comes with the practice management software you need to keep your office running efficiently. As the most popular cloud-based EHR managing 4 million patient visits per month and over 80 million patient records, see for yourself why we’re consistently ranked as the #1 EHR for customer satisfaction

Bill the way you want and get paid faster on an ICD-10 ready system

Whether you use a billing service or manage billing in-house, our EHR helps you get paid faster.

Billing is streamlined with our electronic superbill, and our preferred billing partners offer the best cloud-based billing solutions that can integrate directly with your EHR workflows.

Our EHR is also ready for the ICD-10 changeover. With our new ICD-10 functionality, you’ll be able to:

  • Search ICD-10 codes by diagnosis keyword and ICD-9 codes
  • View ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes side-by-side to help guide you to the right codes
  • Bill using our enhanced superbill, designed specifically around ICD-10

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Streamline your practice management workflows with an EHR that’s easy to use from anywhere, on any device

Intuitive charting, connections to labs and imaging centers, referrals, prescribing, document management, reporting, communication, online check in, intake, eligibility checks — Practice Fusion’s EHR does all this and more.

Plus, Practice Fusion is the only platform that delivers the same experience on your desktop, laptop, or iPad, so you can manage your practice with ease from anywhere.

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Track and manage groups of patients across different clinical measures

Our population health management programs help you deliver better clinical care to your patients with clinical decision support notifications, performance dashboards, and automated patient communication tools.

These programs are designed to make it easier for you to track and manage groups of patients across different clinical measures. Each clinical program begins with the identification of patients who are at risk or are missing recommended tests or treatments.

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Over 112,000 health care professionals use Practice Fusion to manage their practice

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