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Practice Fusion · Mar 1, 2016

Is EHR software holding back your practice?

Cloud-based technology is expanding across a wide array of industries and rapidly becoming the defacto experience on the internet. Cloud computing is the ability to access and work with content available at a secure online location through a network of servers (i.e., “the cloud”) rather than just on a personal computer or local server.

Advantages of cloud-based electronic health records (EHR)

  • Work from anywhere.

For a cloud-based EHR, all software and clinical data are stored, shared and updated in the cloud, providing medical practices with benefits that traditional EMR software systems can’t deliver.

  • No hardware costs.

As opposed to locally-installed and enterprise solutions,a web-based EHR deployment never requires users to install or update software.

  • Always up to date

That’s because a web-based EHR such as Practice Fusion automatically installs and updates its most current version to the cloud. New features are immediately available to all users everywhere. With a web application there’s no software “version” issues — you’re always up to date.

  • Data security

Plus you can securely access your records from anywhere.

Key Differences between software and cloud-based EHRs

Cloud-based EHR Software-based EHR
- No hardware costs. - Requires costly database server, backup servers and physical security measures. Don’t forget about the IT costs involved in assembling the system.
- Always up to date and does not cost any money to upgrade. - Updates need to be downloaded and can be costly to implement.
- Data security is easier to manage. Cloud EHR vendors handle all server data security. - Provider is responsible for server data security.
- Work from anywhere. Your EHR works from your tablet or Internet-connected device no matter where you are. - Requires access to your server.
- Disaster resistant. Your files stay safe from local disasters like flood or fire. - System is susceptible to local disasters. A flood or fire can destroy the servers and workstations.
- Reduced expenses for both software and hardware. - Large hardware and software expenditures.

Not all cloud-based EHRs are equal

Cloud-based EHRs can prevent the headache of buying new hardware and installing a system, but any EHR you choose has to be easy to use to make training your staff quick and efficient. Before making a decision, get a clear understanding from the vendor on the implementation process and timeline.

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