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Practice Fusion · May 9, 2014

EHR update: Enhanced messaging and tasks

We’re continuing to take major steps toward updating your EHR with even more features and improved workflows in the new EHR. This major initiative will upgrade our technology and design so we can bring you a better, faster EHR that works on any device.

We’re gradually adding new features to allow you and your practice to get to know your new EHR over time — and provide us feedback along the way. As a Practice Fusion user, every new feature and update is available to you immediately in your EHR, without any software upgrades. And increasingly, you’ll notice your existing workflows re-emerging, better than ever.

This week’s product update is setting the stage for several important improvements.

Messaging (Beta)

Many of you have tried the beta release of patient messaging during the past few months and have provided helpful feedback for our product team. Now, we’re introducing new message types to beta messaging, so you can communicate with staff and other providers in your network — all from one unified inbox.

Contacts from your practice (shown with a blue cross) and your network (shown with a black cross) now appear in your contact list when composing a new message. You can also quickly send a group message to members of your practice. We’ll soon add message archiving, urgency indicators, integration with tasks, and the ability to file a message to a patient’s chart.

Beta messaging will soon replace the current messages functionality. Try the new features available in beta today to prepare your practice for this upcoming transition.


We introduced Tasks a few weeks ago as an upcoming feature in your EHR. As we continue to build new features, tasks will become one of the most powerful practice management resources in your EHR — your go-to source for incoming lab and imaging results, eRx refills, and more — saving you time, and helping you stay on top of your practice’s workflow.

Today, you’ll notice a brand new look and feel for Tasks as well as added functionality. You can now reassign tasks to other members of your practice, filter by status, and filter by assignee.

If your practice isn’t currently connected with any labs and imaging centers through your EHR, now’s a great time to do so. It’s a quick process to connect using your existing account, and many labs and imaging centers partnering with Practice Fusion are accepting new account requests. Once connected, Practice Fusion makes it easy to receive and sign results, share results with your patients, and meet Meaningful Use requirements.

As we introduce new updates and features, we always have ease of use and efficient patient care top of mind. We’re excited to share these enhancements and previews of what’s coming with you. Take a look, and share your feedback in our Knowledgebase.

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