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Practice Fusion · Jan 16, 2014

EHR Update: Updates to your e-prescribing workflow

With our new release, we have introduced several workflow changes to e-prescribing.

  • A new option for refills. A Deny, new to follow button appears next to the Deny and Approve buttons in your refill requests. When the pharmacy submits a refill request, you can change the order (quantity, dosage, or even the prescribed medication) by denying the refill and letting the pharmacy know that a new order is coming. Most pharmacies’ software will push this new request to the top of their queue so that your patients won’t have to wait long.
  • Improved pharmacy search. Mail order pharmacies are included in search results with retail pharmacies. You can filter by all pharmacies, mail order, or retail to find the best match for your needs.
  • New dosing options. You can provide a days’ supply information along with the patient’s maximum daily dose.
  • A new summary screen. Review all your prescription details before your prescription is submitted to the pharmacy. This screen provides you with a quick safety check to ensure all the information is correct for insurer, prescriber, and prescription which will help improve care.
  • According to new e-prescribing industry standards, several pieces of information, including your Facility and Practice names, are now limited to 35 characters. If you receive an error message regarding character length when you submit your prescription, it will now contain instructions on where to shorten the information.