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Contributing Writer · Aug 18, 2011

Health Innovators at Practice Fusion Connect

Practice Fusion Connect 2011 is just 12 weeks away and the team is working feverishly to create an experience that will have you bursting to tell everyone what you heard and who you saw when you return home. We’re hand picking speakers that will give you fresh insight on healthcare like Daniel Kraft, MD who we just booked.

If you haven’t heard about the Stanford and Harvard-trained physician, scientist, inventor and innovator you’re in for a treat. Daniel is the chair of the Medicine track for Singularity University and the Executive Director of FutureMED, a program that explores the emerging technologies in healthcare and medicine and their opportunity to affect the future of the industry. He has done extensive research in stem cell biology and even invented a device for the harvest of bone marrow derived stem and progenitor cells (wow!). Passionate about healthcare innovation, emerging technologies and the future of medicine, Daniel is excited to share his insight with the Practice Fusion community in November.

Check out his TED Talk on medicine’s future:

[ted id=1168]