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Andrew Montalvo · Mar 7, 2017

Live webinar: Better track patient health with flowsheets

Did you know the flowsheets in your EHR are customizable, and that they can help you more easily track vitals, view historic lab results, and identify gaps in care for chronic disease during the encounter?

The dynamic nature of flowsheets provides a more detailed look at your patient’s health metrics plus offers new opportunities to view and modify the information you want. This allows you to add custom vital measures, remove sections you don’t use, and tailor your chart notes to your unique preferences and specialization.

With flowsheets you can:

  • Record and track conditions over time with with a variety of customizable vitals and lab results.
  • Populate structured lab results into your flowsheets automatically — no need for double-entry.
  • Add comments, flag abnormal values, and enter new dates and measurements with a single click.
  • Help a patient’s care team quickly access salient clinical data with flowsheets default to the primary provider’s default flowsheets.

Learn how to create, edit and save flowsheets at our free webinar

If you’d like to learn how to get the most out of flowsheets in your patient’s chart, sign up to attend our free live webinar. You’ll learn how to:

  • Receive lab and imaging results directly in patient charts.
  • View lab values, vitals, and other health data longitudinally with customizable flowsheet.
  • Add in-house lab results to your patient’s chart.