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Contributing Writer · Aug 5, 2011

Meaningful Use data: Core criteria requirements

Three required core Meaningful Use criteria require you to enter what is called structured data. Structured data is another way of referring to data that is entered into a specific field as opposed to free text in a chart note. Entering a diagnosis in the Dx list in your EHR is a good example. If you free-typed the diagnosis into the body of the chart note it would not be structured.

The core criteria that require structured data are:

  • An up-to-date patient problem list
  • An active medication list
  • An active medication allergy list

Enter structured data for more than 80% of patients you see during your reporting period. This includes noting that a patient does or does not have an active diagnosis, medication or medication allergy.

Although charting these elements is likely a part of your current workflow, entering them as structured data in the EHR may not be. Meaningful Use requires this data to be structured. You should incorporate entering this information into your clinical workflow now to prepare for attestation.