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Contributing Writer · Oct 7, 2011

Meet Practice Fusion Connect Speaker Daniel Kraft

A little over a month from now, over 1,000 Practice Fusion users, health IT industry leaders and EMR evangelists will make their way down to the Bay Area to join us for the 2nd Annual Practice Fusion Connect conference! We’ve got a great line-up full of the best and brightest in the healthcare sector, one of which is Daniel Kraft, a Standford and Harvard-trained physician, scientist and all around brilliant guy.

Dr. Kraft recently founded IntelliMedicine, which focuses on connecting data and personalized medicine. With his research he invented the “MarrowMiner, an FDA approved device for minimal invasive bone marrow harvest. His research and newly founded companies will potentially change medicine for the better, making such procedures such as a bone marrow transplant, a less panful and obtrusive process.