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Practice Fusion · May 31, 2012

New patient face sheet makes patient review easy

We have some exciting new features for your EHR account that debuted in our latest release (5/31). These new tools will help streamline your workflow and save patients money.

Patient Facesheets

Now it is easier than ever to get the information you need on your patients. We’ve added a new patient facesheet to your EHR—one convenient location to see both chronic and acute diagnoses, prescriptions, drug allergies and PMH for each patient.

To access the facesheet, simply open a patient’s chart—the new enlarged view (pictured above) will automatically appear. The activity list you used to view is still available—just click on the ‘Activity’ tab. The facesheet will now show a counter of how many items are shown, if there are items that are not shown on the facesheet, there will be a counter next to the heading “5 of x”.

You’ll also be able to easily start a new chart note by simply clicking a new ‘Start a chart note’ button in dark blue below the Patient Actions dropdown.

If you are going for Meaningful Use, use the facesheet to make sure you have entered diagnoses (Criteria 3), prescriptions (Criteria 5) and drug allergies (Criteria 6) for more than 80% of your patients seen during the reporting period. Please note that the diagnoses section lists only chronic diagnoses, not acute diagnoses.

Eligibility, Formulary and Co-pay Coupons

Our eligibility status page gives you real-time prescription eligibility information, formulary alternatives and pricing for your patient’s insurance plan from a national information network. You’ll soon also start seeing new co-pay coupons, which offer patient co-pay discounts directly within your e-prescribing workflow.

Note, at least one provider in your practice must be actively e-prescribing with Practice Fusion to use formulary and eligibility