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Practice Fusion · Feb 14, 2014

EHR Patient Portal: Improving the doctor-patient relationship

With our new product update last week, your patients now only need a phone number and email to register for their patient portal (PHR). While your enrollment workflow will look the same, your patients can now register to access their key health information with simple mobile verification, with or without the old PIN method. We’ll soon make patient portal access easier still, with a new auto-enrollment setting to make patient engagement and Meaningful Use requirements a breeze.

Patients aren’t the only ones who benefit from connecting with their physicians online. Practice Fusion providers can also use it to take the doctor-patient relationship to a whole new level of connectivity, making use of one of the most underutilized resources in healthcare today—the patients themselves.

In order to realize the full benefit of the Practice Fusion platform, get as many patients as possible signed up for Patient Fusion and be sure to record phone number and email in the Basic section of the patient’s chart. Here’s why:

Free up your staff and your phone line
Some health IT tools allow you to better manage your time. The patient portal is one of them.

  • Chart the conversation. Secure messaging is a key feature of Patient Fusion that gives both parties peace of mind. Your patients can ask candid, non-urgent questions that without answer services frustrations, and the conversation is automatically documented. These conversations can open up new insights about your patients’ lives, helping you deliver more personalized care.

  • Deliver results. Paper and fax lab ordering and results delivery are a thing of the past. A patient portal allows lab results to flow to the patient portal after you’ve reviewed them, so there’s less back-and-forth. Patients get more insight into their records and can easily share them with your referred providers.

  • Let the patients do the booking. If patients can book a table online, they can certainly book an appointment for their health. Free up your phone line and cut down on no-shows by opening up your online booking tool. We’ll even send your patients automatic appointment reminders.

Let our product enhance yours
Before they even arrive, engaged patients feel connected and accountable for their own health and more likely to stick to your advice.

  • Get new patients online. The Patient Fusion patient portal also serves your prospective patients before you meet them. Even if you don’t have your own website, we can be an online marketing platform for your practice when patients are searching for a doctor online.

  • Share the plan. Your EHR now allows you to share individual care plans with your patients on the patient portal. Beyond medication lists and diagnoses, the care plan allows you to guide your patient in your own words. We’ll only share this section, not the rest of your notes.

  • Anticipate patient needs. Patient Fusion can reduce the labor involved in sending reminders beyond appointments, including preventive care guidance emails that will soon be available to alert patients to vaccines or screening tests that are indicated.

Be part of our connected healthcare ecosystem, where people have access to their health information whenever they need it. Getting your patients on the patient portal isn’t just good customer service. It’s also good medicine.