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Practice Fusion · Jul 2, 2013

Patient communication tools that Improve care

We’re making it easier to record new contact information so we can begin to build you better patient communication tools—a common request from our community. Text message appointment reminders, medication alerts and customizable preventive care messages are just a few of the big ideas we have for improved patient communication.

To make this possible, we’re helping you to easily input mobile phone numbers and emails of your patients. This dialog box will appear in your scheduling workflow when booking a new appointment for all patients without a mobile phone and email recorded. You can also input this information directly from the Basic section of a patients’ chart.

  • To record information, simply enter the patient’s mobile number and/or email address
  • If the patient wishes to opt out of communications, choose the option “Patient doesn’t have an email address/mobile number” to stop seeing this message
  • If you press Cancel, you will see this dialog box again the next time you make an appointment for this patient

We recommend recording this contact information in the Basic section when adding new patients to avoid interruptions in your workflow. To do this:

  1. Open the patient’s chart and click Basic
  2. Click Edit in the top-right and enter the mobile cell phone
  3. Add the email address, if known
  4. Click Save

Email appointment reminders will function as they currently do, with mobile text notifications coming down the road. This communication is optional for you and your patients, so you can change your preferences even after recording this information.

We are excited to begin building you tools that will help you better communicate with patients. We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes in our Knowledgebase or in comments below.