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Questions to Ask when Implementing a New EHR

What questions should you ask when evaluating a new Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

It may seem impossible to find time to evaluate and learn about a new EHR while running your practice. We’ve created a list of the primary questions to ask when starting your review of an EHR to help streamline your transition to a new health record system.

What exactly is included in your EHR subscription or contract?

A great way to familiarize yourself with an EHR is to participate in a trial period, though not all vendors offer this level of visibility into their product. Practice Fusion’s EHR offers a 14-day trial at no cost. You can begin using key features like scheduling and charting right away, with no commitment. This allows you to review and test all components of our base EHR, so you understand the return you will get on your investment. Practice Fusion also offers the flexibility of one, two, or three-year contract terms so you can choose the option that makes sense for your practice. Given that our EHR is cloud based, access to a computer and an internet connection is all that’s required to access your EHR. There are no hidden hardware or maintenance fees like you may encounter with a server-based system.

How easy is it to transfer data to your EHR from your previous system?

If your previous EHR vendor can provide you with an export of demographic data, Practice Fusion can import that data for you and provision patient records in our system so you can begin charting right away. We have a team of experts that can help you determine the best method for transferring your patient data. Practice Fusion will also provide complete data exports to practices that leave our platform, at no cost.

What resources, implementation and training will your practice have access to, to learn about your new EHR?

Some EHR vendors may charge an additional fee for training and implementation support, resulting in thousands of dollars in unplanned on-boarding costs. Each practice that subscribes to Practice Fusion has a dedicated Implementation Specialist included in their subscription. Implementation includes one on one training sessions and tailored account set up so you can get started on your new system with ease. In addition to implementation support, we offer an expansive knowledge base, tutorial videos library, interactive webinars, and a customer support team to help answer any questions you may have.

Does this EHR support interoperability and the secure exchange of health information with third party systems?

In addition to lab and radiology connectivity, Practice Fusion is connected to state health registries, Health Information Exchanges, Practice Management, and insurance companies. We support reporting for MIPS and other quality payment programs via QCDR.

How does implementing an EHR improve my practice?

Finding the right EHR with adequate training can lead to fast, efficient implementation and a comfortable, productive “fit” with your practice. Proper training leads to mastery of your EHR and ensures a smooth transition to an EHR system that delivers better care faster and more efficiently – thus improving your practice workflow.

To learn more about what is important when thinking about implementing an EHR, read our whitepaper, Proven Path to a Successful EHR Implementation.

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