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Revolutionizing Independent Healthcare: Dr. Sadel's Journey with Practice Fusion

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, independent providers face unique challenges. Dr. Sadel, an independent healthcare provider in Southampton, PA, sheds light on his transformative journey with Practice Fusion.

Practice Fusion: Tailored for Independent Providers

Practice Fusion is the best fit for independent providers. Dr. Sadel emphasizes this key message as he shares his experience integrating Practice Fusion into his daily practice. The platform’s adaptability and focus on independent workflows have been pivotal for him.

Billing Services: A Solution for Faster Payments

For years, Dr. Sadel has relied on Practice Fusion’s EHR, and naturally, the decision to use their billing services followed. “It has simplified the process of billing tremendously,” he notes. The integrated billing services alleviate the burden on practices, ensuring faster payments and a smoother financial workflow. “The billers from Practice Fusion have been phenomenal. You get paid much quicker with the Practice Fusion Billing Service, and I’ve been able to communicate with them to the point right now where I trust them implicitly with the billing.”

Total Integration for Comprehensive Services

Dr. Sadel highlights the synergy between Practice Fusion’s EHR and billing services, describing it as “total integration of services.” This combination eliminates the need for additional software, providing a comprehensive solution that addresses all his practice’s needs.

Cost-Effective Solution for Independent Providers

In today’s challenging environment for independent providers, cost-effectiveness is key. Dr. Sadel commends Practice Fusion for being a “very cost-effective program” that provides everything needed, including certification, at a reasonable price. This efficiency translates to enhanced effectiveness in the office, making him a better doctor.

Streamlined Efficiency with Cloud-Based EHR

Practice Fusion’s easy-to-use, cloud-based, streamlined EHR has significantly impacted Dr. Sadel’s productivity. “It really impacted my productivity,” he attests, reflecting on the seamless integration of cloud technology into his practice. This user-friendly approach allows for a more efficient and focused patient care experience.

Empowering Independent Providers with Practice Fusion

Dr. Sadel’s testimonial paints a vivid picture of how Practice Fusion has become an integral part of his practice, empowering him to overcome challenges and thrive as an independent provider. Practice Fusion stands as a beacon of support, offering tailored solutions that make a real difference in the world of independent healthcare.

Transcript of Video

Way back, one of my partners had recommended Practice Fusion to me. The reason I got hooked is because it really impacted all my productivity. And I’ve been using it ever since. For years, we’ve been using the Practice Fusion EHR, so to me, it only made sense to use their billing services. And it has simplified the process of billing tremendously. By using the Practice Fusion EHR, and also using the Practice Fusion billing, it’s all combined – a total integration of services. It does everything I need. There’s no other software I need, except for Practice Fusion.

Patients like the connection that we have because I’m able to communicate with them, and I’m trying to be real with them. I’m not just sitting and typing on my computer. So, it’s very useful to me and very useful for the flow of my office. Billers from Practice Fusion have been phenomenal. You get paid much quicker with the Practice Fusion Billing Service. And I’ve been able to communicate with them to the point right now where I trust them implicitly with the billing.

We’re faced with a lot of challenges as an independent provider in today’s environment. Practice Fusion is a very cost-effective program that provides everything we need including certification – reasonable price – it makes me more efficient in the office. It makes me a better doctor.