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Practice Fusion · May 21, 2014

Practice Fusion: the largest real-time national healthcare database

Access to real-time, meaningful healthcare data is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. At Practice Fusion we believe that high quality health data can be useful to numerous people and organizations and we are providing the tools to explore national data on diagnosis and prescription trends. We are inviting research institutions, public health organizations, medical providers and the general public to explore Insight and start using this de-identified data to address our pressing health care problems.

Practice Fusion has the nation’s largest real-time healthcare database of its kind, drawing on records from over 112,000 medical professionals seeing 5 million patients a month on the Practice Fusion platform.

Explore market share for thousands of prescription medications

Using the prescription market share functionality in Insight, users can search for any drug prescribed by Practice Fusion physicians and see its current and historical market share within any drug class (group of drugs). We’re providing these week-over-week market share trends to broaden access to Rx share data, and allow individuals and organizations access to data. Trends are derived from the millions of prescriptions sent and recorded each month through the Practice Fusion platform.

See real-time trends for thousands of diagnoses and conditions

Using the Diagnosis Explorer functionality in Insight, we’re releasing information on current and historical trends of the frequency of diagnoses for the millions of patients seen by Practice Fusion physicians. Measured by number of patient visits on the Practice Fusion platform that include a patient with a given diagnosis, you can see seasonal changes in diagnoses, gradual changes over time, and occasionally abrupt changes in diseases and conditions that are of public health interest.

After selecting a diagnosis, you will also see how the proportion of patients with that diagnosis changes with a patient’s age, BMI, or sex. These results allow you to answer questions such as: Does the proportion of patients with diabetes increase with high BMI or obesity? Does the proportion of patients with chronic pain increase with age? Do more women have a diagnosis for depression compared with men?

On the Trending screen, we present a visual representation of the diagnoses that are increasing or decreasing the most as a percentage of all visits from week to week. This real-time look at national trending diagnoses isn’t available from any other source. You can use this functionality to see what doctors around the country are seeing more of this week compared to last week, and see when certain seasonal infections (e.g., the flu, respiratory disease, ear infections, sore throats) are beginning to trend nationally.

The Top 100 list provides a starting point for any research or reporting. It is a current list of all the top diagnoses across the country based on percentage of visits that include a patient with a given diagnoses.