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Contributing Writer · Mar 18, 2011

The Top healthcare blogs to understand the industry

As the social media gal for Practice Fusion, a good portion of my day is spent reading blogs, news articles and forum discussions. You’d be surprised that most of what others are looking for in a blog is the same thing I search for throughout the day: health information. I wanted to shed some light on some of the best blogs on the web, whether they’re the big-time hotshots or the unknown wonders, both continue to bring color and voice to a sometimes obscure sector.

The One-Stop Shop: The Healthcare Blog

For those who like all things health, THCB suffices all your health-related cravings. Health 2.0 creator, Matthew Holt and other healthcare thought leaders, blog about everything health. WebMD called the Health Care Blog “a free-wheeling discussion of the latest healthcare developments,” we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Health Policy: Health IT Buzz

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services created this blog to help answer questions about the Electronic Health Record transition. Watch closely as Dr. David Blumenthal blogs his final goodbyes to the HIT industry and paves the way for his successor, whoever that may be.

The Big-Time Blog : NYTIMES’ Prescriptions: The Business of Health Care

The Times has set the standard in American journalism since 1851. This blog prescribes a healthy dose of the latest news and developments in the healthcare sector. Follow patient risks and patterns, the healthcare reform debate or even how to maintain a healthy diet. Well-known writer, Reed Abelson has been with the Times for over 15 years and leads the blog with his intellect.

Patient Empowerment: Regina Holliday’s Medical Advocacy Blog

Avid murlast, Regina Holliday, strongly believes in patient empowerment. She gives voice to often voiceless patients. She uses her murals which are scattered throughout the D.C. area to represent the need for medical records, both for doctors and for patients. After she lost her husband due to loss of health insurance and loss of control over his health data, she grabbed her brush and started advocating.


Former IT support for a University Health Center, John Lynn has made a name for himself in the blog world with his thoughtful insight and quirky remarks on the ever-evolving Electronic Medical Record sector. Get his latest take on developments in EMRs, Meaningful Use, implementation and Certification.

Technology: Tech Crunch

If Silicon Valley was a blog it would be Tech Crunch. Everything from Apple to Microsoft to gadgets and gizmo’s and tech start-ups, are all here for you to crunch on. Be in the know when it comes to technology and the people who drive it.

Doc Blog: KevinMD

If you’re a blog-addict like me, then you may have heard of KevinMD. A well-respected voice to the medical provider world, Dr. Kevin Pho covers everything from social media in the exam room to his opinion on the state of the healthcare sector. He’s funny, smart and says what others are afraid to say. Wall Street Journal called him a “punchy, prolific blogger who chronicles America’s often dysfunctional health care system through the prism of a primary care provider”.

Is your favorite blog not up here? Don’t you worry! This is the first of many pieces on the top healthcare blogs out there, so suggestions are much appreciated!

Shea Steinberg
Jr. Social Media Specialist
Practice Fusion EHR