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Practice Fusion · Oct 1, 2015

Meet your ICD-10 ready EHR

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We had a pretty incredible ICD-10 release and received some wonderful feedback and comments from providers. Many gave enthused remarks about how well Practice Fusion has prepared users for the transition both with knowledgeable customer support and live webinars.

You have been super helpful and I can see that a lot of time has been spent in making it a smooth transition for us today. It looks very organized and responsive to our needs.> Best search features - transition features I have seen so far. Your software outperforms any seminar, webinar, or book I have purchased to date. Thanks for the great work!> You guys are amazing and keep up with the good work in making our life easier so that we can provide the best care to our patients.> I am so glad with what PF has done. Three cheers!> It was has been effortless. Practice Fusion has done an amazing job and the transition was seamless.> Very impressed with how smoothly this went on our end. Thank you for your efforts.> You guys did a phenomenal job linking the ICD-9 codes to the ICD-10 codes. My provider was dreading the merge on October 1st . . . until I showed him how user friendly this software is! Thank you so much for everything!> Practice Fusion made this transaction PAINLESS! Thank YOU!

Your EHR has received an end-to-end upgrade to help you easily transition to ICD-10. Don’t worry about memorizing codes — natural language search and refinement filters will help you narrow in on the correct ICD-10 codes quickly. If you haven’t done so, take five minutes to watch the training video below and learn how to use your new Code Assist diagnosis search with ICD-10:

Your charting, lab ordering, and superbill workflows have been updated and fully tested with our partners, so you can bill and order with confidence. Your ICD-10 upgrade allows you to:

  • Easily maintain a problem list with natural language search. Don’t worry about memorizing codes, search by keyword for fast results.

  • Quickly bridge from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Refinement filters help you quickly identify the most relevant and specific ICD-10 codes.

  • Manage the transition without disruption. Maintain your efficiency and continue ordering labs, submitting superbills, and documenting diagnoses just as easily in ICD-10.

Resources to help your practice succeed

Visit our ICD-10 Center to learn more about ICD-10 and the steps you can take to help your practice be successful during this transition. Here’s a more detailed look into what you can expect to see in your new ICD-10 ready EHR.

Code quickly and efficiently in ICD-10

Natural language search means you can forget about memorizing codes

Mapping from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is not one-to-one, and as the primary diagnosis entry point, Practice Fusion is here to help you quickly upgrade to ICD-10, hassle-free.

Search by keyword, ICD-9, or ICD-10 codes to return ICD-10 results — the more descriptive your clinical search terms, the quicker you’ll find the appropriate ICD-10 code. Your EHR will guide you with refinement suggestions to help you select the most specific and clinically-relevant diagnosis codes.

Quickly bridge from ICD-9 to ICD-10

You can also map previously used ICD-9 codes onto ICD-10, making sure you have minimal disruption in your workflows. Practice Fusion will also support dual coding for at least the next twelve months, displaying both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes to help you navigate this new system. sbs.PNG A new superbill built for ICD-10

The connection between charting and billing remains seamless in our new superbill. The new superbill will now have its own dedicated tab, giving you more space to add procedures, enter diagnoses and easily move between different areas of your chart. Add multiple procedures at once to save time when selecting additional codes.

Codes from your charting or encounter diagnoses can also be quickly selected from your superbill without the need to re-enter a diagnosis, and both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes will display in your superbill for your convenience.


We’re testing your transactions so you don’t have to

We’ve completed testing with our preferred billing partners to make sure that claims flow properly between our systems for hassle-free claim submissions.

If you’re still on an outdated billing system, now is the time to upgrade to one of our ICD-10 ready billing partners. They can further help your practice transition to ICD-10 billing with minimal disruption.

Stay up-to-date with ICD-10

Learn about new policy and implementation changes