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I was on paternity leave with a baby asleep on my chest and thought I would check it out. I was literally signed up and going with a living support person within an hour. And it makes it easy for me to remember how long PF has been in the office – the exact same as my youngest son – five years next week! I could also play up how it allows me to come home early, be with my family, put them to bed then work a little to finish things up – when before I had to finish my work and then come home – my dad was home after 7:30 every night when I was a kid as was I before we went with PF. And there [is] all the time on weekends. I get to be home so much more for my kids because of Practice Fusion’s cloud based solution using AWS.

— Angus Matheson, M.D.

Prior to using Practice Fusion, I used paper records. Practice Fusion’s cloud-based solution using AWS has enabled me to have access to my patients records at all times. It also allows me to easily prescribe and renew medications. I can create lab flow sheets which is helpful in comparing lab values. I can access valuable patient data using the reporting feature. It makes it easy to keep in touch with referring physicians by sending them consultation reports and test results.

Practice Fusion has made it possible to be more available for my patients at all times. I can follow them in the office or away from it just as easily.

— Mark Sklar, M.D., F.A.C.P.

I used another electronic medical record system in the past. I enjoy Practice Fusion’s AWS cloud-based system because I am able to use it at work and at home as well on my computer and iPad. Practice Fusion has helped save me time. e-Prescribing is very easy. The lab ordering and result system is very easy. The templates speed up my charting. The only thing that does not have templates are the messaging system. I use [another software] for the phrases that I use over and over in my messages. _ _My old EHR did have message templates which helped. Overall Practice Fusion is much more user friendly compared to my old EHR.

— Kelli Ross, M.D.

More Practice Fusion EHR reviews from our community of practices and providers

“I am really enjoying the Practice Fusion e-RX. I decided to individually enter patient info rather than ask you to help import because a lot of my info is outdated (it is a long standing practice) I really appreciate that I can e-Rx without a huge investment because solo practice in medicine is not profitable anymore, but I think my patients are getting good and personalized care. I work about 28 days a month and maybe take off one week a year, so your company is helping me survive.”

“I’ve used many other EHR’s, made up my own and, at one time, cobbled several others together. So when I came upon PF, quite by chance about 6 weeks ago, I couldn’t believe what it offered. It was so complete, so simple, I kept looking for the catch! But PF seems to be what it says it is… It’s been fantastic…. I don’t know why anyone would use another system once they find PF. The best part for me is that it’s COMPLETELY, not just partly, compatible with the Mac OS…something I’ve found with few other systems. As a solo practitioner who does everything herself, PF saves me a lot of time.”

“I am really impressed with the strong foundation Practice Fusion has built into its EMR. It does what the more expensive EMRs do at a significantly lower cost, plus because it is internet based, I have more flexibility in where and how I use it - you can do pretty much everything without using your keyboard and mouse.”

“With experience in adopting and implementing two of the ‘big’ EMRs, I will tell you that Practice Fusion is far more intuitive, making it very pleasant to use. People considering commercial vendors of EHRs need to know the ongoing elaborate costs of support.”

“I’m a part-time PCP and a full-time mom. Just put my kids to bed and then sat down in my living room to finish my charting. I love Practice Fusion!”

“It’s easy to use. I can write templates in my own words not in the words of others.!”

“I just started using Practice Fusion for my testing private practice this week and it has been great.”

“So complete, so simple”

“I love your user interface. It’s probably the best I’ve seen!”

“I was looking at the comparison of the various EMRs and was just disgusted with the cost. You guys show a true respect for the physicians and the mess we are in. Everyone has their hands in our pockets and it’s time they get out. I will certainly spread the word.”

“You guys are doing a hell of a job and I’m really enjoying using PF. My nurse worked for another EMR company for 11 years until I hired her. It was a tough call to not go with an EMR that she helped build and knew inside and out, but then articles like how Ryan Howard is a top disruptive force in health IT, reassured me that I made the right decision.”

“So today, I went to the hospital and discharged my patient. I used Practice Fusion to produce the Discharge Summary. I signed and printed it right at the nurse’s station and it was on the chart completed before I left. I also printed the Plan and gave it to the patient for the written instructions for aftercare and used ePrescribing to send antibiotics to her pharmacy at the same time. I also have her discharge summary on her chart so I don’t have to wait for it to come from the hospital (if it ever arrives!). I LOVE PRACTICE FUSION!”

“Sat down in my living room to finish my charting. I love Practice Fusion!”

“I love everything about Practice Fusion, it is easy and my staff loves it. There are no headaches and we fall in love with it every time we log on.”

“It is easy to use for a free clinic to automate workflow, even with many non-routine situations.”

“Congrats. You guys are truly an example of progress and forward thinking for the second decade of the 21st century and web 2.0 in medicine. Keep up the great work!”

“I think you have a great program and great staff and I’m amazed at your business model.”

“I began using Practice Fusion three months ago and recently signed up for e-Prescribing, the best feature yet. I love it!”

“You guys combine excellent knowledge with great personal skills.”

“I can review my charts while watching the Giants games!”

“I am extremely satisfied with e-prescribing. Excellent work.”

“This product is too good to be true!! I just got off the phone with an account manager and he was awesome. Thanks Practice Fusion for being innovators in the healthcare industry.”

“Practice Fusion really does listen to their users and involves them in the process. Practice Fusion is about the user experience and the ease of use of its EMR. Keep up the great work Practice Fusion!”

“Just completed one month with PF… starting to get the hang of the system, SOAP Notes, and other features. With e-prescribing, we are definitely seeing the ‘blue-dot.’ Keep up the great work…including the support. Thank you!”

“This is really a fabulous system! Amazingly easy to use!”

“We’ve been using Practice Fusion at West Main Medical Clinic and love it!”

“I love Practice Fusion because it’s web-based, no need to run servers.”

“Starting to use Practice Fusion for my inpatients, SOAP format works great. Daily progress notes are a breeze with template notes. Saves tons of time, makes it clear billing, I love it.”

“This software has really revolutionized our practice is so many ways and is one of the big secrets of our success.”

“I love Practice Fusion and sing your praises to other providers I meet (so far two locally have signed up). Keep up the good work!”

“Ya’ll have been great. I was really concerned about taking on EMR. I don’t have a lot of spare time to learn software. Please pass on to everyone how much we like Practice Fusion and kudos to the great technical support. You guys combine excellent knowledge with great personal skills. I received a phone call within 10 minutes of sending in a request. I really appreciate the timely and accurate handling of the problem.”

“The doctor and I are so happy with the progress our practice has made since moving forward with implementing EMR. Practice Fusion was easy to learn, easy to modify to our own specifications and the new features that are continuously being added just make it better and better. Adding E-Prescribing has now saved several steps that translates into more available time. We recently started a new clinic, just adjacent to our existing practice, which opened up Nov. 4, 2009 completely PAPERLESS! This has added 12-15 additional patient visits (about 5 minutes), on top on my existing 12-14 patient visits (about 20-30 minutes) however; it does not appear that I am spending any additional time at work! Obviously, Practice Fusion has made my time and patient care far more efficient!”

“I have implemented Practice Fusion into my office and ABSOLUTELY love it! The transition was easy and the support team at Practice Fusion have been very responsive to all our needs. I have encountered NO problems and the transition has been so easy compared to my colleagues who months ago invested $25,000 to $50,000 in their EMRs and are still complaining about the process! It has been a joy to find such a service. Thanks so much for making it so simple and easy even for someone like me who is not particularly computer savvy. I have been sooo happy that I am recommending it to all my colleagues.”

“Thanks for getting patients uploaded so quickly!”

“I love the e-script function. You have an excellent product. Thank you.”

“P.F. is the best.”

“We just started e-prescribing and we are loving it!! We love the system and love it even more now that e-prescribing eliminates a lot of phone calls.”

“You guys have some really great ideas. I like the intuitive nature and almost endless customization I can make. You guys rock!”

“Practice Fusion is the 3rd EMR I have used, and I have to say, it is much better than Centricity or Allscripts.”

“In spite of the fact that I had never used an EMR in my 38 years of practice, Practice Fusion is very easy to learn. I really don’t understand why every physician does not take advantage of Practice Fusion’s product and support.”

“I am very pleased with how the system allows for seamless integration of digital images and x-rays into the notes. The ability to integrate your system with Dragon allows me to work out of the box.”

“Congrats. You guys are truly an example of progress and forward thinking for the second decade of the 21st century and web 2.0 in medicine. Keep up the great work!”

“[I love Practice Fusion because] the staff and support are incredible.”

“Practice Fusion is awesome. I also love development of the EHR practitioner community.”

“You guys fixed the printing issue with Mac OS- you’re the best!! Thank you.”

“We looked for an EMR that could help us with creating portable records for our patients. Every system we looked at was very expensive, but with Practice Fusion we liked what we saw and the risk was minimal. The system is great for us and is very user friendly. It is really easy to pull up a SOAP note and go.”

“It is very easy to incorporate office visits into templates and templates can cover up to 90% of my office visits. You can enter paragraphs of information with several clicks and have a very complete chart at the end. This means that I can spend the extra time with those visits that require more attention.”

“I am really excited about Practice Fusion. I think you guys have a really exciting, innovative product. Our practice’s second physician (out of four) has just started using Practice Fusion, and she thinks it’s a great idea that is working for her. We’ll be getting our exam rooms wired soon as well as faster computers, which will allow us to better utilize Practice Fusion’s potential.”

“Thank you for creating such a great product!! We are an Internal Medicine Practice with a sub specialty in Infectious Disease. The doctor just began using Practice Fusion and loves all the preloaded templates that come with the system. We looked at many other systems but Practice Fusion is very easy to use and easy to customize.”

“Just wanted to let you know that while it is a big transition for us to go to a EHR for our practice, you guys have been great about responding to our requests and working with us to make this work for us. We love the new updates (especially the prescription updates) and look forward to future improvements.”

“The ePrescribing feature of Practice Fusion is as intuitive and robust as the rest of this excellent web-based program. A medical office can truly start using Practice Fusion in five minutes, and I would add that it only takes one minute to begin ePrescribing once this is activated.”

“The affordability and quality of the Practice Fusion EHR allows a local physician like me to heed President Obama’s call to service by keeping overhead lower and allowing me to treat many patients who have fallen on tough financial times.”

“I LOVE the interface design. I think of this as the Bang and Olufsen of EHR interfaces. Clean, uncluttered, elegant and intuitive. The interface should not be a barrier between the physician and the medical record and you are doing a great job here. This is a big selling point for me and I hope you continue to follow the same philosophy as the system evolves.”

“I sincerely hope Obama knows about Practice Fusion and how easy it can be to have an EMR. I spent more time than I would like to admit interviewing the other EMRs. None had the easy start up that yours has. None have the awesome tech support that I get from Roman…. though I have not needed that in some time. Keep up the good work.”

“I love the scheduling, SOAP notes and that [Practice Fusion] is accessible from anywhere.”

“[I] appreciate being able to access client information from home and the total migration process took less than two days.”

“Your product is impressive and an asset to my practice.”

“[I love Practice Fusion because] of the ease of use, it’s convenient, self-explanatory and efficient.”

“Practice Fusion eliminates the headaches with getting a new EMR – no hardware, no software and no backup systems. With Practice Fusion, the hassles no longer outweigh the advantages of going electronic.”

“As a practicing physician I see the dire need for a simple, easy to acquire and implement EMR system, and having used Nextgen in recent past it is a relief to be working with a more responsive and dynamic group.”

“I love Practice Fusion because it’s online and easy!”

“[I love Practice Fusion because] ease of use and scheduling.”

“Practice Fusion is going to help me grow medical practices in my community and territory!”

“The templates are awesome!”

“Notes are done very quickly, can access it anywhere.”

“I enjoy working with this software.”

“It’s very user friendly.”

“[Practice Fusion is] easy, fun, prompt, responsive, creative, leading edge.”

“[I love Practice Fusion] because you guys ROCK!”

“I have just starting using this EMR server based system of yours. In that short period of time I have inquired to your Support Department several times with feature requests. Each request was taken seriously (I appreciate that)and was responded to with an explanation of where, why, or a what is occuring; in a very timely manner. This shows, to me, a very high level of insightful and professional responsiveness. This is exactly what customer service/support is all about. This is very unique to your organization in this industry. You are Champions and I would recommend this EMR to my colleagues who seek such a resource. I am now opening it up to the rest of my rehabilitation practice for OT/ST/PT/Nursing.”

“I’d like to tell you that we’ve been very happy with the functionality and usability of Practice Fusion. We adopted it after our staff meeting in October. It is streamlined and fast. Information is easy to enter and easy to find. There is a nice logic to the format and the online tutorials and guides are generally helpful…Just about everything that I looked at was out of my reach financially and furthermore, more clunky in terms of its operation. I work with another EMR at one of the MD practices we’re affiliated with and Practice Fusion kicks it out the window in terms of ease of use. It also looks nice, which seems odd to say, except that when you’re spending hours a day at a computer screen looking at the darn thing, you need something easy on the eyes.”

“I’ve been using various EHR’s for 15 years, from Cerner to Amazing Charts. Your web-based application can compete with products that I’ve spent 1,000’s of dollars on. The superiority of web based EHR’s can’t be underestimated (assuming the necessary security and privacy measures are in place) for small physician groups; besides the ability to easily and safely share pertinent patient data at the point of contact, it eliminates the need to have separate servers, back up systems, installation of application updates, and significantly reduces the need for IT support. As a self professed “early adapter” I would caution physicians exploring ANY EHR system to have patience with the software/applications. All products require a certain time investment and learning curve in the beginning; think about only using it for a couple of patients a day as you and your staff get familiar with the program, and to allow you to develop your personalized templates to fit your style. The initial entering of patient’s data and template customization is time intensive, but the real efficiency is seen on return visits when the patient’s medical data is all entered and can be accessed simply with clicks of templates. Practice Fusion is where all EHR’s should be headed.”