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3 ways EHRs are using technology to address chronic disease management

Written by: Tom Pasquariello, PharmD

As technology grows, electronic health record (EHR) companies such as Practice Fusion are finding more efficient ways to engage their chronic disease management patients. The goal, known as high-touch patient engagement strategy, with these patients is to prevent acute care episodes by maintaining regular health check-ins, health coaching, and overall disease monitoring.1 More than ever before, we have now seen a shift in this model from a traditional office visit to a more remote strategy. Virtual patient engagement tools will become more prevalent.

A manageable care plan including medication adherence is foundational to a successful chronic disease management plan. The cost of medication remains one of the biggest challenges. Price transparency within the clinician EHR workflow has helped support adherence by offering physicians insight into what their patients will pay and where the patient will receive the medication including both cash payment and via the patient’s pharmacy benefit. As many patients are often on numerous medications that need to be taken throughout the day, reminding patients to use pill boxes can improve care plan medication adherence.

Telemedicine has made it easier for physicians to check on their patients, especially those with transportation challenges, medical disabilities, or other debilitating issues. With virtual tools, regular check-ups can be completed on time, without putting these high-risk patients at risk. A strong patient-provider virtual relationship can be built through meaningful health coaching. Click here to learn more about providing the best web side manner to gain trust and respect from your patients.

Do your patients sometimes have a quick question but don’t need to schedule a virtual visit? If so, secure direct messaging is a vital service used to help remind patients about an upcoming visit, report a change in health status, or even ask a simple question. Secure messaging often takes place through the patient portal. Data from the Regenstrief Institute shows that nearly half of all patients are using patient engagement technology for physician communication, but only about one-fifth report speaking with their physicians about direct messaging. Help patients understand what the service is and how to use it. My personal physicians always says, “If anything new comes up, just send me a message”.

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