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Practice Fusion · May 19, 2015

EHR preview: Try new secure direct messaging

Webinar: Learn more about direct messaging in our Product Update tutorials

Over the past few months, you’ve been seeing changes in your EHR as we upgrade our technology to HTML, a faster and more mobile-friendly platform. Secure direct messaging is one place where we’ve been making big improvements.

If you use direct messaging, you may have noticed that we’ve been making updates to your inbox. We’ve now added the ability to communicate with your patients, practice staff, and other providers from one unified inbox. If you haven’t turned on patient direct messaging, check out the new inbox and start communicating with your staff and patients in the new format.

Currently, there are two inboxes in your EHR — the current version and the new HTML version. In a few weeks, we’ll be transitioning all of electronic messaging to the new look and feel of the new EHR, so make sure everyone prepares by learning the new system now.

To see your new inbox, visit Messages in your EHR and select Preview new messaging (beta). All unread messages are bolded in your inbox, while a counter on the button shows you how many new messages you have. When you open a message, you’ll see all messages in the thread with that person or group, allowing you to quickly see a conversation’s history.

Select New Message to start a new message or thread with one of your connections. We recently added group direct messaging for your practice and an option to select everyone in your practice with one click. Start typing the recipient’s name in the To field to see a list of potential matches from your patient list (marked by a gray circle), practice staff (marked by a blue cross), and My Network Connections (marked by a gray cross).

You can also communicate with patients who are enrolled in the patient portal (PHR) by enabling secure direct messaging to patients. Visit your Settings, select Users, select Patient Engagement, select Practice Settings, where you’ll check Enable secure messaging to patients. Electronic messaging is turned off by default.

When you message a patient from your EHR, they will receive an email prompting them to log in to the patient portal to check their inbox. Learn more about electronic messaging

When new direct messaging replaces your current experience in a few weeks, you’ll have the ability to archive messages and mark messages as urgent. You’ll also be able to filter your inbox to only see messages by patient, and messages about a patient will be available from that patient’s chart. Soon you’ll also be able to filter your recipient list to show only patients, staff, or other providers.

We’re excited to share new direct messaging with you. Make sure everyone in your practice has a chance to try it out today and becomes familiar with this updated electronic messaging workflow. And as always, share your feedback in our Knowledgebase.