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Practice Fusion: Providing EHR Support During and After Transitions

The choice of whether to continue at a larger clinical group practice or to start a private practice is a dilemma many doctors face. The upfront costs, coupled with clinical and financial risks, resource control, and establishing a patient population deter many doctors from leaving larger, more established practices. For Dr. Keith Sadel, an Internal Medicine Specialist from Southampton, Pennsylvania, it meant leaving a much larger practice in internal medicine to establish his own practice.

Dr. Keith Sadel began his own private practice in internal medicine in 2008 and quickly signed up for a Practice Fusion account. Practice Fusion made the transition much easier by offering Dr. Sadel one platform to perform all the appropriate tasks needed before, during, and after a patient visit, including viewing up to date patient documents, and ordering labs and prescriptions online. He finds Practice Fusion to be unique, for he is able to tailor the workflow to meet his practice’s specific needs. The additional capability to utilize the pre-generated templates within Practice Fusion reduces the time Dr. Sadel needs to complete his patient notes. More time is spent treating the patient, rather than filling out paperwork. Dr. Sadel emphasized how important it is to him that everything he needs to run his practice is easily accessible in the Practice Fusion portal. He praised Practice Fusion, saying he would not have been able to make the transition without Practice Fusion.

Practice Fusion is proud to be an EHR provider for small practices and independent solo practitioners all over the country. We work to create a product that supports the individual needs of every practitioner and one that will assist them in their efforts to deliver effective medical services.