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Practice Fusion · Jan 29, 2015

EHR update: New Meaningful Use dashboard

_ As a reminder, Practice Fusion strongly recommends that you attest for Meaningful Use and PQRS by February 28th, 2015 for any 2014 reporting period. _

We’re dedicated to building the best tools possible simplify programs like Meaningful Use and PQRS. Our new dashboard includes improvements to make reporting measures easier to understand, simplify the attestation process, and help your practice earn incentives and avoid penalties.

The new dashboard is available from the Reports section of your EHR.

Opt in to access the new dashboard

The first change you’ll notice is the opt-in/opt-out screen. This screen provides relevant resources, as well as the option to indicate that you’re not planning on participating in Meaningful Use.

Once you select Get started, you’ll be prompted to select relevant program options for your practice (Provider, Year, Stage, Program, and Period). Select Apply to load the new dashboard.

New enhancements for tracking progress and attestation

We added new functionality to simplify tracking Meaningful Use requirements and make attestation easier. The new enhancements include:

Easier access to attestation information
Certification ID, version numbers, deadlines, and more are now visible at the top of your dashboard to ensure your attestation goes smoothly. For more information on attesting for Meaningful Use, visit Meaningful Use Attestation.

Exclude option
You can now select which measures your practice is excluded from directly on the dashboard. You will also be prompted to enter an exclusion reason. (Note: It’s important to keep adequate documentation on all measure exclusions). You can learn more about exclusions by visiting Knowledge Base.

Progress summaries
Summaries of progress will display at the top of your dashboard to provide a quick snapshot for reference on how your practice is doing.

For more information on Meaningful Use, be sure to visit our Meaningful Use Center.