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Practice Fusion · Mar 31, 2015

Help lower treatment costs for your patients

As prescription costs continue to rise, Practice Fusion is working alongside your practice to empower your patients and improve their care. As part of this initiative we’re offering streamlined solutions that increase treatment accessibility, helping your patients follow their care plan and get back to health faster.

We’re excited to announce that prescription coupons are now available in your EHR.

In 2012, 50 million patients in the US did not fill their prescriptions due to the high cost. Patients who avoid taking prescribed medications are twice as likely to experience a health decline–leading to an annual $290 billion dollars of preventable health care costs in the US due to medication non-adherence. 1( )]

Practice Fusion’s new integrated coupons allow you to:

  • Reduce Barriers to Treatment Options. Coupons can help your patients access prescribed medications in situations where out-of-pocket costs are a financial barrier.
  • Improve Adherence and Reduce Total Cost of Treatment. Adherence to your prescribed course of treatment can improve your patients’ health outcomes and reduce their long-term health care costs.
  • Offer Convenience. After you have selected a prescription, coupon availability displays automatically in your workflow—with no setup steps required. You can then either print-out the coupon or transmit it together with the electronic prescription.

“Most of what ultimately makes a person healthy happens away from the doctor’s office,” said Peter Long, president and CEO of the Blue Shield of California Foundation. “The more we can engage patients to be partners in their own care, the healthier they—and our entire healthcare system—will be.”

Practice Fusion - Your partner in patient health

Lowering treatment costs and improving accessibility to care is essential to improving patient outcomes. At Practice Fusion, we’re dedicated to empowering our providers with technology that supports their practice as well as their patients. Your cloud-based EHR also comes with:

Automatic prescription eligibility and drug formulary checks

  • Our e-prescription solution provides prescription eligibility checks automatically during the medication order process to confirm whether your patient is covered.
  • Eligibility and formulary checks allow the provider to make informed decisions, together with their patients, to chart an appropriate course of treatment.

A patient portal

  •, Practice Fusion’s patient portal, allows your patients to stay informed and have unprecedented access to their clinical information, including known allergies, diagnoses, lab results, medications and more.
  • Patients can request refills online, as well as schedule follow-up appointments.
  • Providing your patients access to their clinical records empowers them to be accountable for their health, rather than a passive observer.

Supporting your patients and driving better health is easy with Practice Fusion. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free account by clicking here.