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Reduce hospital stays and chronic disease treatment

A 2008 study found that highly engaged patients with chronic diseases followed treatment plans and had dramatically better health outcomes than those who were not engaged1:

  • Over 19% reduction in hospital admissions.
  • Over 25% reduction in bed days of care.
  • 20% to 57% reduction in the need to be treated for the chronic diseases, including diabetes, COPD, heart failure, PTSD and depression.

Learn how our cloud-based EHR can help engage your patients and improve their outcomes with our patient adherence support tools.

Access treatment plans anywhere and monitor adherence in real-time

Our EHR allows you to share individual care plans with your patients on the patient portal. Beyond medication lists and diagnoses, the care plan allows you to guide your patient through a care plan in your own words.

You can also automatically provide patients with educational materials and reminders to fill prescriptions, take medications, and schedule follow-up visits.

With Practice Fusion, you can customize patient engagement strategies that work for you.

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eCoupons improve medication adherences

Medication adherence is easier with point of care Coupon notifications in the Practice Fusion EHR.

Support patient health and provide easier access to prescribed medications with eCoupons. If any of the medications that you are prescribing for your patient qualify for a coupon, Practice Fusion will provide you with the option to print or send the coupon with your order.

Deliver patient education materials with the click of a button

Studies show lack of health literacy is a key barrier to patient adherence.2 Often patients misunderstand treatment plans or hesitate to ask for further clarifications.

With our EHR, keeping patients educated with the best, easiest-to-understand information is as simple as a click of a button.

When assigning a diagnosis to a patient, you can select to send patient-centered education materials on their condition.

Send the materials to your patient electronically, or as a further service, print the materials for them, quickly fulfilling Meaningful Use requirements.

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Identify at risk patients and receive clinical decision support with population health management tools

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Our EHR is designed to make it easier for you to track and manage groups of patients across different clinical measures with:

  • Summary and detailed dashboards that allow you to track your efforts to improve outcomes and quality based on clinical guidelines.
  • Clinical decision support notifications at the point of care to alert you that you are seeing a patient who may need extra attention.
  • Automated patient communication tools to help you engage at-risk patients when they are outside of your office.

See for yourself why 112,000+ medical professionals use Practice Fusion to manage their practice

Check out how our EHR patient engagement strategies empower your patients to be active partners in their care.

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