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Andrew Montalvo · Sep 7, 2016

New EHR webinar: 5 ways to streamline workflows using Tasks

The Tasks section of your EHR can be a powerful practice management tool for busy practices, helping streamline your practice workflow and consolidate your to-do list into one central location.

Learn how you can streamline your practice’s workflow by using Tasks in these five ways:

  1. Leveraging your EHR tasks as a collaboration tool.
  2. Learning which tasks typically belong to what roles in the practice.
  3. Customizing your Tasks section with quick-view tabs to surface your most relevant EHR tasks.
  4. Learning where each type of Tasks sources from, and how to resolve them.
  5. Maintaining a task count close to zero.

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This webinar is available to your entire practice and contains helpful information for front office staff, clinical staff, providers, billers, and office administrators.