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Practice Fusion · Aug 28, 2012

New Meaningful Use gap analysis report helps you stay on track

It can be a hassle to record all the important patient data you need to fulfill your Meaningful Use criteria. With our recent Gap Report release, however, you are now able to see exactly where you may be falling short with a click of a button—catching up is now easier than ever.

Straight within your Meaningful Use Dashboard (accessible from the Home section of your EHR), the Gap Analysis Report will instantly identify which patients don’t have information recorded for a measure and how many more patient charts you need to update to satisfy that measure.

Once you open the Gap Report, simply click on the patient’s name to update their chart. If you don’t have the necessary information, the patient’s phone number is provided for easy contact.

To fulfill the necessary criteria:

  1. Visit your Meaningful Use Dashboard in the Home section of the EHR
  2. Click the hyperlinked numbers in the Patient Gap column of each measure
  3. Click on the patient name and follow the instructions at the top of the Gap Report

The Meaningful Use Dashboard and the Gap Report will refresh each day, so you may see patients on the list that you have already updated.

Please note that the Gap Report will only give you information for measures that are patient-based. One-time measures like CQM reporting (Core 10) and e-prescribing or labs-based measures are not included. If you have additional questions about the Gap Report, visit Knowledgebase.

Even if you aren’t pursuing Meaningful Use, the Gap Report is a great way to identify where your patients are missing important clinical information so you can get the most out of your EHR!