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Andrew Montalvo · Feb 12, 2016

New Year, New Templates

In 2015, Practice Fusion implemented 101 feature updates requested by providers like you. This feedback loop and versatility allows Practice Fusion to be the most adaptable and customer-focused product on the EHR market; however, it’s important that our practices continue to evolve with us. My most successful customers continuously analyze their clinical workflows to determine how feature changes and product improvements can help maximize their efficiency.

The hottest item on our Product Ideas board is charting-related features. This makes sense, as providers utilize encounter notes and templates during every patient visit. To help you chart faster and save time between visits, we’ve implemented new updates to improve efficiency in the exam room and allow you to spend more facetime with patients:

  • Electronic patient intake forms
  • Template shortcuts (charting macros)
  • Rich-text formatting in templates

Last month, I lead a webinar on charting and introduced some optimization tips that I learned from our most successful providers. So far, this webinar has become our 5th most watched video on the tutorials page and is already saving providers’ time and money.

There’s no reason to wait—watch this webinar today so you too can take advantage of these time-saving benefits.

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