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Practice Fusion · Aug 24, 2015

Practice Fusion ranks among highest in customer satisfaction according to AMA

When it comes to electronic health record (EHR) satisfaction, providers continue to rank Practice Fusion as one of the best. In a new survey conducted by AmericanEHR Partners and the American Medical Association, Practice Fusion was only one of two EHRs that had a majority of satisfied users.

Researchers received responses from 940 clinicians reviewing 108 EHRs. 68% of respondents used EHR software from 10 EHR vendors which included Practice Fusion. While a majority of Practice Fusion reviewers said they were satisfied, a majority of respondents (54%) said they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their EHR.

Here’s a select summary of the survey results and EHR reviews:

Summary of findings

How Practice Fusion compares

  • Ease of use. Only 46% of respondents found it easy to document a progress note. Practice Fusion was one of only two EHRs that had a majority of users report they found it easy to document a progress note.

  • Remote accessibility. One-third of responders found it difficult to access their EHR remotely. You can access your charts, communicate with patients, order tests and receive results, send e-prescriptions and more from any internet-connected device.

You can find more about the survey, read the EHR reviews and download a copy of the report from the AmericanEHR Partners website.

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