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Reimagining Phenomenal Support

Back in 2010, when Practice Fusion was just a baby, we imagined ourselves as an adult. We aspired to be flexible, forward thinking and customer focused. We even began describing our approach as Phenomenal Support™. Once momentum around that concept started, it grew so strong that Practice Fusion trademarked the phrase and made it a guiding principle.

However, like some adults, execution didn’t always match the expectation. In late 2019, Practice Fusion found our Phenomenal Support™ had fallen flat. The team wasn’t excited, and neither were our customers.

We apologize for not meeting your expectations. We heard you, and we endeavored to make 2020 a year of change.

Thus, began a thoughtful and intentional plan to reimagine Phenomenal Support™.

We started by evaluating the existing team and changing our approach to hiring and recruiting the top talent to fill these important roles, from leadership positions to frontline employees. Starting in March 2020 and continuing into November, we expanded our team and doubled the number of employees available to answer calls and respond to tickets. We looked for people who would embrace the Phenomenal Support™ culture and consistently go above and beyond to help our providers and their practices. We wanted team members who would be passionate about understanding our EHR and be a guide for our providers to maximize their understanding. We also redesigned our training program, including more product knowledge and customer service skills to set the team up for success and ensure we delivered the Phenomenal Support™ expected.

As we worked to grow our team and its skill set, Practice Fusion adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic and continued onboarding and training our new employees, now remotely. This remote aspect required our team members to be brave, self-driven, and autonomous. We also grew to include a bi-coastal team better equipped to provide support across time zones. This expansion helped us reduce phone wait time by over 95% and most providers now have their calls answered in under 2 minutes. Additionally, most case requests via email are responded to in under 24 hours.

As we begin a new year, we are thrilled to celebrate a team who is thorough, dedicated, and sees themselves as guides and partners to the providers using our EHR. Thank you to those who have noticed the positive changes and shared your appreciative feedback!

If you are one of the providers who told us our service was not meeting expectations, or even worse, didn’t tell us but ended your encounter frustrated and unhappy, we ask you to give us another try. For the quickest response, please call us at (844) 903-7567 weekdays from 6am-4:45pm PST or submit a ticket anytime by going to this page. We look forward to hearing from you and delivering Phenomenal Support™!