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2019 Survey of Independent Practices

2019 Survey of Practice Fusion Independent Practices- how do you stack up?

At some point in our lives, each of us made career decisions that helped change the landscape of our daily practice patterns, whether in the office or at home. We may have learned from previous experiences about our likes and dislikes, to advise others and even ourselves of next steps. Work-life balance may come to mind when considering important choices.

Have you ever wondered how other healthcare professionals in the same practice setting feel about themselves, their patients, and their families? I know I am curious about others’ happiness with their current roles. “Did I make the right choice?” “Is the grass really greener?” “What if I had taken that other offer?” It is likely that other practices share the same successes and struggles that you and your office may be experiencing.

Independent practices are fortunate to be part of a friendly, open community that is willing to share this valuable information. Veradigm is distributing the findings of a survey to help current and new Practice Fusion customers understand how our physicians feel compared with a national average. The paper provides insight into why Practice Fusion customers are happy and recommend the software to others in the same industry.

Click below to access the 2019 Survey of Practice Fusion Independent Practices and see the results we put together. To sign up for a free trial of Practice Fusion, click here.

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