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Contributing Writer · Sep 8, 2011

Which Connect 2011 Attendee Are You?

Check out the Connect crowd and see if you fit the profile!

EHR All-Stars
You’re a PF Professional! You’ve already created 20 customized templates for your specific needs, integrated with your local lab and started billing electronically. You’re coming to Connect 2011 to meet the team and share some of your great ideas for additional features. You’re excited to hear from Ryan Howard, CEO of Practice Fusion, get sneak previews on our upcoming feature releases and network with other healthcare professionals.

You’ve just joined the club, had your first conversation with your dedicated account manager and started uploading your patients into the EHR. You’ve been using paper charts for most of your career but you’re finding typing to be much more efficient and much easier to read. Connect 2011 is your chance to get one-on-one EHR training with our support team, learn best practices to maximize productivity and find out about the different options for medical billing.

Healthcare Gurus
You’re a leader in the healthcare space and you’ve been closely following the changes happening in the industry. You understand that electronic medical records are helping improve healthcare delivery and you want to support Practice Fusion in all its efforts. Connect 2011 is a great space for you to start conversations about what’s happening now and what’s to come in the future of medicine.

Health-IT Wizards
Tech and twitter savvy, you’re in on all the latest advances in health technology. You’re stoked about a web-based EHR that has iPad capabilities and you’re excited to learn what’s next for Practice Fusion. Connect 2011 is great opportunity for you to get insight on the new and upcoming breakthroughs in health technology.