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Andrew Bronstein, MD

Phenomenal product, phenomenal support

“This is absolutely an invaluable software product, from how easy it is to implement to how robust it is compared to EMRs that cost tens of thousands of dollars. There is no catch, it is just a wonderful system.”

Not his first EMR

Dr. Bronstein was originally looking for any EMR that could manage his surgical practice: “I had invested in an electronic health record system after paying approximately $60-70,000 in hardware and software. The install team didn’t show up on day two, and then I found out that the company went bankrupt.”

Finding Practice Fusion

“I stumbled upon Practice Fusion on the internet. Practice Fusion is an internet based system that they are changing at all times. You don’t buy a license fee for one year and then update it every year.”

“Within one week, our staff was up and running…”

Flexible EMR

“Since it is cloud-based, it gave me the opportunity to try it out in the privacy of my home before I saw any patients. I was hooked within five minutes. I found that it was very nimble and I could customize it to my needs immediately to enhance my rate of entering data rather than slow it down.”

Better communication and interoperability

“Practice Fusion is basically tearing down the barriers for physicians, freeing up the doctor and the hospital to communicate at no additional cost. They are really doing a service to doctors and healthcare as a whole with a more secure, better healthcare record system for our country.”

Additional Practice Fusion Case Studies


Dr. Giurgius was hesitant to go digital with his Los Angeles psychiatry practice, until Practice Fusion and his son Shadee helped him make the switch.

Moataz Giurgius, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

After trying out another EMR, Dr. Andrew Bronstein turned to Practice Fusion for his Las Vegas surgical practice and quickly discovered more than he had expected.

Andrew Bronstein, MD

Family Medicine Specialist

A Practice Fusion user since 2009, Dr. Lynn McCallum manages her family practice completely paperless in Redding, California.

Lynn McCallum, MD

Nurse Practitioner

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Scharmaine Lawson-Baker built a house call practice from the ground up using Practice Fusion’s EHR.

Scharmaine Lawson-Baker