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Engage patients through Practice Fusion’s patient portal

Practice Fusion’s electronic health record is built to make patient engagement easy. With our cloud-based patient portal, patients have quick and easy access to scheduling, personal health records (PHR), care instructions, educational resources and more to empower them to be active participants in their care.

What is patient engagement?

Patient engagement means empowering patients with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and willingness to make the best decisions about their health.

Multiple studies1,2 in the United States and around the world demonstrate that high patient engagement leads to better health outcomes and lower costs for health care providers. Experts find that good patient engagement increases patient treatment adherence, lowers the need for treatment, and reduces healthcare costs by over 20%.3,4

Significantly improved health outcomes coupled with lowered costs has led some experts to dub patient engagement as “the blockbuster drug of the 21st century.5

Empower patients to actively participate in their care with our patient portal

86% of patients with electronic access to their health records go online to view them.6 Two out of three patients without online access say they want it, yet only 50% of patients currently have it. And importantly for providers, over 40% of patients are willing to switch doctors to gain online access to their electronic health records.7

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Save time and money reaching new patients and automating administrative tasks

Our cloud-based patient engagement software allows new patients to easily find your practice and book appointments online. With our online intake forms, prescription refills, appointment and treatment reminders and HIPAA-compliant secure online messaging, you and your staff spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaged with patients.

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Access treatment plans and monitor adherence from anywhere

Practice Fusion is the first and only EHR that’s optimized for your iPad, Android or Microsoft tablet. Customize care plans, send eCoupons, deliver education materials and identify at risk patients with the click of a button. Our patient adherence support tools empower you to maximize your patient engagement.

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Fulfill Meaningful Use Patient Engagement Measures

Patient engagement is a large component of Meaningful Use. Stage 1 requires patients receive treatment reminders and educational resources. Stage 2 requires the addition of online messaging and patient portals to give patients the information and access they need to actively participate in their health care.

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Not only is our EHR designed to meet all these requirements, our Meaningful Use Center guides you through tracking and reporting each Meaningful Use measure to maximize your incentive payments and avoid penalties.

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