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Practice Fusion · Aug 9, 2012

Do you have the heart of an Olympian?

Olympians come in all shapes and sizes, from all over the world. There’s one thing they have in common, however—they’re all in really good shape

Ever wonder how you compare to Olympians? One good indicator of your physical fitness is your heart rate. In general, the slower your resting heart rate, the better shape you’re in. Let’s see how your heart rate stacks up against the Olympians’!

Start by measuring your heart rate—while sitting in a relaxed position, feel for your pulse on your wrist or neck. Once you find your pulse, count your heartbeats over 20 seconds.

Now take that number of heartbeats and multiply by 3 to get your heart rate.

So, how do you think you compare to the Olympians? In 2008, the New York Times posted the vital stats of some of that year’s US Olympians. Marathoner Deena Kastor’s heart beats just 28 times per minute when she’s resting!

Lower heart rates aren’t just associated with gold medals – they can also lead to longer lives. Recent studies have shown that a fast heart rate might decrease your life expectancy. If you’re wondering how to keep your heart rate low, just exercise regularly—it’s the best way to maintain a healthy heart rate and improve your overall health. So keep on watching those Olympians, but make sure to get out and take a little jog yourself!