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Video: Improving EHR Efficiency to Maximize Patient Care

“The most important thing I’ve learned from working in the EHR is definitely how important efficiency is.” – Megan Teed, Sr. User Researcher, Practice Fusion

Here at Practice Fusion, we know that spending more time in your EHR often means spending less time with patients. That means that improving EHR efficiency is one of Practice Fusion’s primary goals.

To achieve this goal, we start by listening to our customers. One big theme arising from user feedback has been the need for more efficient document management in the EHR. We used this feedback to inspire a set of feature improvements that would provide the greatest reduction in time and effort spent on those repetitive tasks in the documents area.

“Our long-term vision for documents is to have everything you need to do with a document—whether it’s editing, viewing, sending, receiving—is everything goes into the EHR,” Megan Teed.

Watch our latest video to learn more about how we’re improving EHR efficiency – specifically within the area of document management–to maximize the time you spend with your patients.